Feathered Friends

Millerton Lake is home to several pairs of nesting eagles who “winter” here from their home at Slave Lake in Northern Canada. It’s amazing to be able to drive 30 minutes, hop on a boat and be able to take photos of our national symbol. Millerton also has golden and brown eagles as well as peregrine falcons, osprey and red tail hawks. The hummingbirds are fun to watch and we’re fortunate they live in our trees. The geese and Osprey were photographed at Lost Lake Recreation Area near Friant, CA. Something got one goose’s gander up and he was squawking loudly at another. Finally he chased his adversary away – all the way down the river – quacking all the way. Neither returned while I was there. I watched the Osprey devour a fish for over an hour, hoping it would leave it’s perch so I could get some nice shots of it flying. Nope. All he did was flap his wings.